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Paragliding is not just a sport or activity. It is a lifestyle which defines who you are, how you think and where you belong. It is a close connection between you, the wild nature, mountains and animals. And it is natural that you don’t only think about it in your free time, but philosophise about it 24/7. And sooner or later passion like this would start organizing your spare time on this planet completely.

You certainly can remember your very first flight, the drama of your feet leaving the ground, holding your breath as the earth wrenchingly dropped away from you. You never forget that first moment, to see earth opening up underneath and delivering you to a new world of freedom. Following months you’ve learned to fly more efficiently, utilising the best part of the day for thermal development, making fast decisions to assess conditions for the day soon after leaving take off and flying away in the first thermal of the day. It is the passion to stay airborne and do the right things to fly longer, faster, higher and further. We love nature, mountains and motivating people in flying. We like to see people improving their skills.

That’s what we do. This is free flying. This is Axis.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Martin Jandora

Martin Jandora Axis PGBase

Martin is our contact person and a reference of PG Base in the United Kingdom. He runs our test centre in London and also deals with sale, service and repairs. So if you need some advice or to get something repaired, get in touch with him. He has been flying with us since 2007 and enjoys travelling around the world and performing a little bit of acrobatics for fun.

His machine: Axis Polaris

Owen Latham

Owen Latham Axis PGBase

Owen Latham has been paragliding for over 15 years and is our BHPA registered paragliding instructor and chief tandem pilot. He has worked teaching paragliding and flying tandem on the beautiful South Downs in Sussex and all over the world.
Owen’s love of flying is infectious. He goes out of his way to make sure anyone who flies with him gets exactly what they want from the flight whether that’s a gentle boat around or an adrenaline filled acrobatic experience.
Owen holds the tandem distance record from Devil’s Dyke, one of the busiest sites in the UK and recently had the honour of flying the oldest pilot to have ever soared above the South Downs.

Renata Kuhnova

Renata Kuhnova Axis PGBase

‘’I am addicted to flying’’

Since 16 years of age Renata has been dividing her life between the air and the ground. She sneaked in to this world when she started the police academy. She did not want to become a policewoman, Renata wanted to do a parachute jump, which was the part of the course. ‘’Because of my age, I had to wait one year to go through the course.’’ But she couldn’t wait. Her friends introduced her to her life passion – paragliding. She graduated on FTK UP in Olomouc.

Accidentally she started to compete in paragliding and since that time she cannot stop it. She takes it as an adventure, the same as the other adrenaline sports.

Renata speaks English.

Her toy: Axis Mercury


  • 2013 2. Place PWC Erzincan, Turkey
  • 2013 4. Place PWC Kapaonik, Serbia
  • 2013 3. Place Germany Open
  • 2012 4. Place PWC Krushevo, Macedonia
  • 2012 1. Place Czech Open, Krushevo, Macedonia; 8. Place overall
  • 2012 3. Place British Open, Meduno, Italy
  • 2012 4. Place European Championship, St. Andre, France
  • 2011 3. Place PWC Bayramoren, Turkey
  • 2011 1. Place Czech Open Sopot, Bulgaria; 11. Place overall
  • 2011 2. Place Pre PWC Erzincan, Turkey
  • 2011 1. Place PWC Roldanillo, Columbia
  • 2010 3. Place European Championship Abtenau, Austria
  • 2010 1. Place PWC Italy, St. Potito
  • 2009 Winning team – World Championship Mexico
  • 2009 1. Place PWC Buzet, Croatia
  • 2008 1. Place Italy, Rieti
  • 2007 Winning team – World Championship Australia
  • 2006 1. Place Kobarid, Slovenia
  • Triple Czech paragliding champion
  • Paragliding and snowboarding instructor

Otakar Husicka

Paragliding is an obsession for him. A Former mountaineer who became a great pilot learned everything in Spain, the country he loves. He works in Axispara R&D centre. Otak‘s got lots of experience in trip organization, he regularly competes in PG series and is a member of CZE paragliding team. Otak is Axis test pilot, instructor and tandem pilot. He is our specialist in the Mediterranean region.

Otak speaks English and Spanish

His baby: Axis Mercury

Marek Pach

An explorer who was born with ‘a parachute’ on his back. This guy climbed most of the mountains in the Alps and has done lots of great ‘bivouac’ flights. He enjoys most outdoor sports, but paragliding is his ‘life matter’. His first experience of flying was in the army, where he did a couple of parachute jumps. That was the time when the prehistoric time of paragliding was about to begin. So he got on this train and now he’s been on top of the paragliding scene since 2002. Pasik has done hundreds of XC flights over 100km. He is our guide and tandem pilot, specialist in XC flying, bivouacs and expeditions.

He speaks English and Spanish

His glider: Axis Venus 3 race

Petr Kouril

Our guide, driver, tour coordinator, guitar player, photographer, part-time chef, simply a bloke who can deal with anything. Since 2007 he has been travelling across the Europe and flies on the best sites around the continent. His is our specialist for Slovenia and Italy. Indos is well known for his obsession in flying green paragliders.

His machine: Axis Polaris