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The PG Base Team instructors have been organizing XC courses and expeditions since 2000. Most of them are competition pilots, who have spent hundreds of airtime hours on the flying sites, where we organise our trips.

Our deep knowledge and experience ensure that the pilots get proper instruction according to their paragliding skills and knowledge level. On our tours we provide guiding and coaching for less experienced pilots who likes enjoyment-oriented flights as well as service for advanced XC pilots who disappear with the first thermal of the day and are picked up at the evening after a long flight.

Confidence, competence, local knowledge and contacts are the most important aspects in our service. On our tours all of the pilots improve their skills and knowledge, what makes them better and happier pilots.

On every flyable day we do

  • Briefing and debriefing
  • Analysis
  • Tailor-made coaching
  • Tasks planning together with pilots
  • Radio communication for the flights

The trips organized by PG Base include Guiding & Coaching. Making your own decisions is essential in paragliding. We guide you throughout the day, but the final decision is always yours. We will motivate you to push yourself that little bit further, but all times it is the pilot’s own responsibility to launch, fly and land safely.

So if you feel unsure about anything take a break and seek advice from one of our guides before you continue. Our guides usually supervise the launches and communicate with you through the radio while airborne, which is very handy. Remember one thing, only if you stay safe and healthy, you can enjoy yourself and have a great time!


All pilots participating on our trips are required to have:

  • Pilot license
  • Third party insurance
  • Personal insurance with repatriation

You can obtain one from the