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Terms & conditions

The Customer of Axis Test Centre and Equipment hire agrees with following conditions:

All paragliding equipment will be rent out to customer only after handing in ID (passport, driving license) and proof of address (bank statement, utility bills). Please bring copies of these documents.

Customer must have appropriate pilot license and experience for the type of paraglider he/she wants to borrow. The Customer must complete his details on the rental agreement.

The Customer agrees to pay a L300/300EUR security deposit, which is fully refundable, if no damage occurs. Tested paragliders can be only used in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic or on our trips and courses abroad. Hired paragliders can be used anywhere except the sandy sites (Dune de Pyla, etc.) and on SIF courses.

Tested paragliders are borrowed for free for a maximum of three days (72 hours). After this period you can hire our equipment and carry on with your flying. All these dates must be predetermined at the beginning of the agreement. For every other day you do not return our equipment, the fee of L25/28 EUR will be charged. PG Base is liable for maintenance of the paragliders. The Customer is fully liable for damages caused by inappropriate use and storage. Contingent repairs will be charged by the official manufacturer’s pricelist. Delivery charges will also apply. The Customer is liable for loss of the equipment and will be fully charged for the replacement.

The Customer is allowed to test for free one type of paraglider (equipment) a year. You can hire anything and anytime (if available).

Please ring 0784 678 1982, before you come to pick up or drop off the equipment.

All tested or hired equipment is used at own risk.