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Donna Nook seal trip


Last Friday we had an opportunity to go with group of nice people to seaside to watch a wonderful colony of thousands wild seals. They come to a coast of Donna Nook every year for two months from November to December. The colony is spread in the area of cca 5 km2 on the coast. We could see new born little baby seals who were so close that we could almost touch them. This is a nature reservation and volunteers do theirs best to protect the newborns and prepare them for the future life in the wilderness of the sea. Their big black eyes were really heart touching. Unfortunately, they don’t have easy life as their mother leaves them after only their first three weeks. They were enjoying our company and if there wouldn‘t be a fence in the way, they would jump straight into our arms. This is sadly not possible as they are wild animals. There were 331 bulls, 975 cows and 880 pups. ( Yes, they do count them).

We enjoyed the trip very much, had a nice walk on the fresh air and shot a lot of wonderful pictures, you can see few of them above, and the travel was very comfortable.

A big thank to our organizator and guide Martin who gave us this great oportunity to see this beautiful wildlife, that can be hardly compared to what you can see in the Zoo. We were not really sure what to expect from this trip, but it was amazing and we will certainly come back next year again. We can highly recommend PG Base to everyone.

Thanks again! Peta and Tom 🙂