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ITALY – Bassano + The Dolomites Upgrade!

Date: 13/9/2014 - 20/9/2014

Flying days: 6

Destination: ITALY – Bassano + The Dolomites Upgrade!

Price: £415


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Bassano is one of the most reliable flying sites in Europe due to its microclimate. It’s protected by massive mountains behind it which don’t allow the strong north wind to come in. That’s why we can enjoy nice weather and thermals relatively all year around and even in the late autumn. Flying is a nice mix of both alpine & ridge and flatland flying where pilots usually achieve brilliant XC flights.

Supplementary one day trip £20/person: The Dolomites!

If the weather is flyable and group gives us a GO, we travel to The Dolomites for an extra £20/person. After a long day flying we stay overnight in a local guesthouse enjoying the best pizza you’ve ever had and a great wine. Following morning we carry on flying in Val Di Fassa and come back to Bassano base later in the evening.

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Autumn is the most reliable time for flying in The Dolomites, which is the most magnificent and impressive mountain range in Europe. Val Di Fassa is the most beautiful place of the Alps for free flying. To take off at 2360 m.a.s.l. we will get up comfortably by cable car, which terminal is close to the landing zone. So we can get up anytime we like. On a good day cloud base is around 1000m above the launch and we fly around 3000 m.a.s.l. which guarantee fantastic views over the Dolomites. Experienced pilots will be completely satisfied by XC flights; our instructor Pasa managed a 100km FAI triangle here, while beginners will be pleased by local flying under our supervision. The top goal is always to fly over the magnificent Marmolada at 3343 m.a.s.l. Thermals are manageable up to 4-5+ m/s, so this trip is not suitable for complete beginners. You should have minimum 50 hours of airtime and be able to fly and land confidently. Landing is always piece of cake in large flat Valleys.

There is an old saying – Who hasn’t flown in The Dolomites, didn’t fly in mountains. Don’t hesitate and join us on this superb trip. Our instructors have been guiding in The Dolomites since 2005. Deep local knowledge of guides is absolutely essential here as the strong winds & thermals can be treacherous. Spring/Summer is not flyable as the conditions are really dangerous.

Come and join us on our trip to Italy!

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On our trips we always work minimally in a team of one chief instructor and a driver, however most of the times you are looked after by three and more instructors to give you the maximum value on your XC day. One is flying in the front of the squadron with high performance wing, searching for the best thermals and route and the second pilot is closing the group looking after the slower ones and pilots flying school wings. If you are unlucky and had to lend, there is always our driver here to pick you up. This is ideal way of flying in a group and maximizes your chance for a good flight. Not like the others we do our best to keep you airborne.


The price includes:

  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Transports to and from all flying sites
  • Meteo analysis, forecasts, daily weather updates
  • Launching supervision
  • Air to air guidance
  • Flying tips, tasks and goals to achieve
  • Radio communication and coaching during flights
  • Theoretical tailor-made coaching
  • Analysis and debriefings together with the instructors
  • PG Base T-shirt
  • Photo CD
  • One tandem flight at half price


The price excludes:

  • Accommodation; we organize the best deal for whole group according your requirements in advance. (Usually 15-20 euros/night).
  • Meals, lunch, evening meals and drinks are not included.
  • Single rooms are most of the time available at extra charge.
  • Flight tickets, you will be advised about flight tickets.

* We will stay in a nice guesthouse mostly in double rooms. We can manage   accommodation that will meet your requirements.

As soon as we receive deposits from the minimum number of pilots required for the trip then we will try to find the best price for flights and then pilots pay for them directly themselves.

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