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ITALY – Pieve d’ Alpago & Feltre

Date: 3/5/2014 - 10/5/2014

Flying days: 6

Destination: ITALY - Pieve d’ Alpago & Feltre

Price: £415


view_from_take_off_to_the_north  valley_with_the_river_Piave  jump_to_Mt.Serva

Join us on our trip to Belluno and Feltre, great flying sites on the edge of the Dolomites, with amazing spring. We will start off in popular Pieve d’Alpago with comfortable take off Mt. Dolada (1494 m.a.s.l.) There is a great XC after the jump on Mt. Serva and following the range to Feltre or the northern classic route ‘the anvil‘. Beginners will be pleased with local flying around Mt. Dolada and in the Valley. We will stay here for two days with accommodation in nice pension or directly in the campsite next to the landing zone with all facilities and beer on tap. Following two day we will travel from our accommodation to Monte Avena (Feltre) take off (1379 m.a.s.l).

Last two day will be spent flying on sites according to your wish and actual weather situation. There is a possibility to move to nearby Aviano.

landing_place  Mt.Serva  Norma 19

On our trips we always work minimally in a team of one chief instructor and a driver, however most of the times you are looked after by three and more instructors to give you the maximum value on your XC day. One is flying in the front of the squadron with high performance wing, searching for the best thermals and route and the second pilot is closing the group looking after the slower ones and pilots flying school wings. If you are unlucky and had to lend, there is always our driver here to pick you up. This is ideal way of flying in a group and maximizes your chance for a good flight. Not like the others we do our best to keep you airborne.

The price includes:

  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Transports to and from all flying sites
  • Meteo analysis, forecasts, daily weather updates
  • Launching supervision
  • Air to air guidance
  • Flying tips, tasks and goals to achieve
  • Radio communication and coaching during flights
  • Theoretical tailor-made coaching
  • Analysis and debriefings together with the instructors
  • PG Base T-shirt
  • Photo CD
  • One tandem flight at half price

The price excludes:

  • Accommodation*
  • Alternative trips and activities
  • Meals and drinks are not included.
  • Fees for using airspace and take-off places (where necessary)
  • Single room, if a single room is required there is an extra charge. (subject to availability)
  • Flight tickets, you will be advised about flight tickets as we buy them together.

As soon as we receive deposits from the minimum number of pilots required for the trip then we will try to find the best price for flights and then pilots pay for them directly themselves.

*Accommodation – Stay Connected To The Nature

We know that your life is very busy and sometimes could be very stressful and hectic. That’s why we offer staying in the campsites instead of luxury hotels in the summer. We believe that making a barbeque, fire, having a good beer and chat is a real stress relief. Most of our clients even decide to sleep under the stars. The camps we use have all necessary facilities – showers, toilets, fridge, barbecue and social area.

We can provide you with a tent and self-inflating mat, just give us a shout. All you need to bring is your sleeping bag. Quite often we are asked by pilots to get a keg of Czech beer in our van – no problem. We are here to make you happy. At least for one week of holidays forget about your daily stress and enjoy yourself! Customers wishing to stay in hotel will be dropped off in the evening and picked up in the morning for the flying action :-)

Generally campsites cost 6-10 euros/night and hotels between 15-20 euros/night.

Mt.Serva  Norma 07



  • Valid pilot license
  • E111 medical card (EHIC)
  • Personal accident insurance with repatriation cover
  • Certified equipment*
  • PMR or 2M Radio*
  • Reserve parachute
  • GPS
  • Helmet
  • Good boots
  • Mobile phone

You should be adventures and open minded.
You should be able to launch and land safely.


  • Vario
  • Camera
  • Good sun cream and hat
  • (Sleeping bag)

*If you need any equipment we can supply it at competitive rates. Book in advance as numbers are limited. Contact (

Schedule might change due the weather conditions.