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Paragliding trip in Slovenia

Last August Bank Holiday part of our team spent in Slovenia. We had a good time and enjoyed last of sunny days as we could feel that summer is going to its end. We were testing new Axis COMET, which became very popular among intermediate pilots. His construction was adopted from successful VEGA 3 glider and gives a great performance with no compromise on safety. Evenings belonged to Slovenian wine … Read more »

Donna Nook seal trip

Last Friday we had an opportunity to go with group of nice people to seaside to watch a wonderful colony of thousands wild seals. They come to a coast of Donna Nook every year for two months from November to December. The colony is spread in the area of cca 5 km2 on the coast. We could see new born little baby seals who were so close that we could … Read more »

The end of the 2011 flying season

This traditional good bye party takes place every autumn. It is our way to say bye to the current flying season. Due to the good weather conditions in the South, we decided to go to Lijak in Slovenia. Early Friday morning we catch up with the rest of the Axis boys who arrived from Brno in their caravan. The following three days were dedicated to the gliding tests of the … Read more »

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