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Paragliding service

Axis PGBASE provides following paragliding services:

Glider inspections

Your paraglider should be regularly checked to ensure that your wing remains in a good condition and is airworthy. This is essential for safe flying and also gives you peace of mind. If you sell your glider, you should give to the new owner an inspection airworthiness certificate.

Your wing should be checked for the first time after 24 months or 100 flied hours, whatever comes first. Then every 12 months, especially if you fly over 100 hours a year or perform acrobatics or you use a lightweight wing. Tandem paragliders or training gliders must be checked completely every 12 months.

Axis gliders can be officially inspected only by qualified persons or manufacturer. You are responsible for your gear and your safety depends on it. Take care of it and regularly inspect all of its components. If you notice any changes in your glider’s behaviour, you should get the wing checked before flying again.

A full canopy visual check of panels, stitching, ribs, diagonals, line attachment points and tabs should be carried out by pilot on a regular basis. Always look for any tears, holes or damaged/loose stitching. Larger damaged areas will need panels replacement.

The lines do not age in the same way. It is possible that you will have to change part or all of the line set during the life of the wing. Check visually all lines for any signs of external damage, check the brake handle knots and the brake lines for any excessive wearing.

Glider Full Maintenance Inspection

  • Paraglider identification
  • Cloth porosity test
  • Cloth and stitching strength check
  • Visual canopy check
  • Suspension lines condition check
  • Suspension lines strength test (with a tear tester)
  • Risers, trimmers and speed-system check
  • Left and right side lines symmetry check up
  • Suspension lines length measurement
  • Final flight test

IMPORTANT: Take care of your glider and get it checked regularly by a qualified person or manufacturer: This will ensure you hours of safe flying and pleasure!

Our service

We deal with glider inspections and all kinds of repairs. If you want to avoid any hassle, just contact us and we do the rest for you for a small fee of £10. The standard glider inspection in Axis workshop cost £30 plus any extra time and material which has to be used. You are also liable for the postage fees.